Counterbalance Brewing

The core of the Counterbalance players, Frank Lawrence and Jeff Howell, met in their previous careers with Seattle specialty coffee mainstay Caffe Ladro. In their respective roles as Project Manager and Operations Manager, Frank and Jeff developed a great working relationship, a mutual desire to enjoy life, and a shared love of great beer.

Somewhere in the early 2000s, the boys each began experimenting with homebrewing, and at least one of them found he had quite a knack for it. But just a great brewer does not a successful brewery make, so eventually they embarked on a project together. Fast-forward through five years or so of inertia, false starts, and the project became a “Project.” In mid-2013, Counterbalance was born.

During Counterbalance’s infancy, Frank and Jeff began looking at the craft beer industry locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide. To say that there’s a lot going on would be a wild understatement. Craft beer is full of creativity, relentless innovation, history, respect for traditions combined with the throwing out of rules. It is messy, beautiful, contradictory, and delicious. Occasionally it’s just beer, and that’s good too.